• DYMO LW Label Rolls

    750.00 600.00

    Shipping Label or Name Badge Label\\r\\n\\r\\nSize - 54 X 101 MM\\r\\nQty - 260 Labels/ Roll\\r\\nRolls / Box - 1 No\r\n\r\nLarge Address Label \r\nSize - 36 X 89 mm\r\nQty - 230 Labels / Roll\r\nRoll / Box - 2 Nos\r\n\r\nStandard Address Label\r\nSize - 28 X 89 MM\r\nQty - 130 Labels / Roll\r\nRoll / Box - 2 Nos\r\n\r\n

  • Brother QL Series Consumable ...

    1200.00 1200.00

    Brother DK Rolls\\r\\n\\r\\nQL Professional Label Printer Label Chart\\r\\nDie-Cut and Continuous Rolls suitable for:\\r\\nQL-1110NWB, QL-1100, QL-1060N, QL-1050, QL-820NWB, QL-810W, QL-800, QL-700\\r\\n*For QL-1110NWB, QL-1100, QL-1060N and QL-1050 only,\\r\\n**For QL-820NWB, QL-810W and QL-800 only\\r\\nDie Cut Labels Adhesive\\r\\n\\r\\nStandard Address Label Standard 29mm x 90mm 400 White Die Cut Paper DK-11201\\r\\nShipping/ Name Badge Label Standard 62mm x 100mm 300 White Die Cut Paper DK-11202\\r\\nFile Folder Label Standard 17mm x 87mm 300 White Die Cut Paper DK-11203\\r\\nMulti-Purpose Address Label Standard 17mm x 54mm 400 White Die Cut Paper DK-11204\\r\\nCD/DVD Label Standard 58mm diameter 100 White Die Cut Film DK-11207\\r\\nLarge Address Label Standard 38mm x 90mm 400 White Die Cut Paper DK-11208\\r\\nSmall Address Label Standard 29mm x 62mm 800 White Die Cut Paper DK-11209\\r\\nLarge Round label Standard 24mm diameter 1000 White Die Cut Paper DK-11218\\r\\nSmall Round la

  • DYMO LM Series Label Tapes (D...

    500.00 400.00

    3 Pack 1/2\'\' W x 23\' L black print on white tape cartridge\r\nSplit backing so that the backing can be easily peel and stick\r\nDurable tapes, resistant to water, scratching, weathering, fading and UV rays\r\nPrinters available: Dymo LabelManager 100, 120P, 150, 160, 200, 210D, 220P, 260D, 280, 300, 350, 360D, 400, 420P, 450, 450D, 500TS, PC II, PnP, PnP Wireless; LabelPoint 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, Duo; etc.\r\nCan be used indoor and outdoor: Industrial, chemistry, education, commercial and home labeling

  • Casio EZ Label Tapes

    545.00 545.00

    Black on White/Yellow/ Blue/ Green/Red.. Casio Self-adhesive Tape for the Casio KL-60, KL-HD1, KL-G2 and KL-7400 label printers. Clear printing and easy to remove backing

  • Brother PT Series Consumable ...

    1000.00 1000.00

    p touch label tape,label printer brother,cable marker printer\r\nLots of Colors and Styles to Choose From\r\nYou have a project, we have the tape for you. Choose from a wide variety of tapes for indoor or outdoor use, from 3.5mm to 36mm wide. Just check your P-touch model for compatible tape sizes.

  • Casio KL - HD1

    3495.00 3250.00

    Portable, compact handy format label maker with large Easy to read LCD display.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nEasy reference icon keys indicate operations at a glance.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n8 installed fonts (sans-serif rnd, roman, courier, pop, slab serif, Bordeaux heavy, cursive). .\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n60 preinstalled logos with text and icons.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nAvailable tape widths (Casio XR tape Series): 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm

  • Casio KL - G2 (PC Interface Mo...

    12995.00 12000.00

    Description\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nKey Features:\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n \\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPC-Connectable (via USB)\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nAuto cutter with half-cut function\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nBarcode & QR Code Printing\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPC Font Printing\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nLarge, Easy-To-Read 4-Line, 16-Digit Backlit LCD\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nEnlarged Printing\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nIndex Labels & Time Stamp Printing\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nNumbering Printing\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nPrinting Speed Of 20mm/Sec\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n8-Language Message Switching\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n

  • Casio KL 7400 Label Printer

    6495.00 6495.00

    SPECIFICATION\\\\r\\\\nModelKL-7400\\\\r\\\\nKeyboard layoutQWERTY\\\\r\\\\nDisplay - LCD128 x 64 dots\\\\r\\\\nDisplay - Display (input data)16 digits x 3 lines\\\\r\\\\nUsable tape widths (24mm)Yes\\\\r\\\\nUsable tape widths (18mm)Yes\\\\r\\\\nUsable tape widths (12mm)Yes\\\\r\\\\nUsable tape widths (9mm)Yes\\\\r\\\\nUsable tape widths (6mm)Yes\\\\r\\\\nPrinting resolution200 dpi/96 dots\\\\r\\\\nUnit of length switchingcm/inches\\\\r\\\\nPrinting speed (mm/sec.)10\\\\r\\\\nMaximum printing height (mm)12\\\\r\\\\nMaximum printing lines6\\\\r\\\\nFonts Sans-serifYes\\\\r\\\\nFonts Sans-serif italicYes\\\\r\\\\nFonts Sans-serif roundedYes\\\\r\\\\nFonts RomanYes\\\\r\\\\nFonts Roman italicYes\\\\r\\\\nCharacter stylesNormal/Bold/Outline/Shadow/Raised\\\\r\\\\nCharacter effectsShading/Underline/Box\\\\r\\\\nBuilt-in character types680\\\\r\\\\nAlphanumeric characters62\\\\r\\\\nSpecial characters/symbols395\\\\r\\\\nIllustrations124\\\\r\\\\nAccented characters99\\\\r\\\\nFrame printin

  • Casio KL 820 Label Printer

    3295.00 3100.00

    Product Specification\\r\\nModel – KL-820\\r\\nLarge, easy to read, 16 digit, 4 line display.\\r\\nHandles 24, 18, 12, 9 and 6 mm tape widths\\r\\nPrint up to 3 lines (24 or 18 mm tape)\\r\\n12mm print head, Logo & Barcode printing\\r\\n87 special characters and symbols.\\r\\nNumbering

  • Brother P-Touch Label Thermal ...

    9500.00 8500.00

    One-touch keys for fast formatting - easily add fonts, frames, and symbols\\r\\nPreview text and layout before printing\\r\\n14 fonts, 10 styles, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols\\r\\n27 Useful templates (pre-designed labels): Simply type and print\\r\\nStores up to 30 labels for quick reprinting\\r\\nPrints labels with up to 2 lines of text\\r\\nUses durable, easy-peel tapes up to 12mm wide (approx. 1/2\\\")\\r\\nPowered by AC power adapter or 6 \\\"AAA\\\" batteries (both sold separately)\\r\\nIncludes: 0.47\\\" (12mm) \\\"TZe\\\" starter tape\\r\\nPowered by AC power adapter or 6 \\\"AAA\\\" batteries (both sold separately

  • Dymo LM 160 Label Printer

    5000.00 4500.00

    LabelManager 160 lets you format your labels fast with one-touch smart keys\\\\r\\\\nComputer-style keyboard offers fast text entry\\\\r\\\\nLarge, 13 character x 1 line display shows text effects on screen before you print up to two lines with a maximum print height of 22.7 point\\\\r\\\\nChoose from 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, 4 boxes and 228 symbols and clip art images\\\\r\\\\nReprint last label, without retyping using last-label memory feature\\\\r\\\\nCompatible Label Width: 1/4\\\\\\\", 3/8\\\\\\\", 1/2\\\\\\\" \\\\r\\\\nUSB Connection: No\\\\r\\\\n

  • Brother Label Printer : PT P90...

    51000.00 48000.00

    NEW! The PT-P900W is a complete wireless on-demand laminating label printing solution that comes with printer, accessories, label design and print software, and a full length UL certified tape – all this for the price of just the printer! This small footprint printer produces wide, premium quality laminated labels at 360dpi print resolution, up to 32mm print height on 36mm tape, and features a built-in automatic cutter that trims a continuous \\\\\\\"tape\\\\\\\" to virtually any length, one at a time or as a strip of pre-cut labels. Brother laminated labels can withstand abrasion, fading, extreme temperatures, chemicals and moisture.

  • Sample Prints

    2.00 2.00

    A label printer is a computer printer that prints on self-adhesive label material and/or card-stock (tags). A label printer with built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use (not connected to a separate computer) is often called a label maker.

  • DYMO Label Printer LM280

    8000.00 7500.00

    With a large graphical display, fast-formatting keys and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, the LabelManager® 280 is your ticket to fast, uninterrupted labeling. The computer-style keyboard is perfect for typing text quickly, comfortably and easily. Plus, PC or Mac®*connectivity enables you to customize labels with fonts and graphics of your choosing from your computer. The LabelManager® 280 prints DYMO D1 labels in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” (6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm) widths in a variety of colors – perfect for labeling your files, shelving, equipment and more.

  • Brother Label Printer D600

    17990.00 17000.00

    PC CONNECTABLE LABEL MAKER: The Brother P-touch PT-D600 can be used as a stand-alone or connected to PCs or Macs for added design capability.\\\\r\\\\nFULL COLOR GRAPHICAL DISPLAY: Users can review the label\\\\\\\'s appearance before printing to reduce typing errors.\\\\r\\\\nSUPER FAST PRINTING SPEED: This PC-Connectable Label Maker delivers lightning-quick printing speeds with an auto tape cutter for high-volume jobs.\\\\r\\\\nPERSONALIZED LABELS: The Brother P-touch label printer prints up to 8 font sizes, 14 fonts, 11 styles, 99 frames, and over 600 symbols.\\\\r\\\\nFOR USE WITH BROTHER GENUINE TAPES: Use Brother Genuine P-touch TZe tapes up to 24mm (approximately 1\\\\\\\") for best performance.\\\\r\\\\n

  • DYMO Label Printing Machine LM...

    21990.00 20990.00

    Tap to create, edit and format labels with ease on a large, full-colour touch screen\\r\\nCreate labels with 25 font sizes, 10 font styles, 32 text styles, 5 boxes plus underline, and hundreds of symbols and clip art\\r\\nPrint crystal-clear graphics, barcodes and logos at 300 dpi resolution\\r\\nShare with friends and colleagues without losing your settings – store profiles for up to 5 different users\\r\\nStore and quickly access over 500 frequently-used labels

  • Brother D450 Pc Label Printers

    13990.00 13000.00

    PC-CONNECTABLE LABEL MAKER: The Brother P-touch PT-D450 can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC or Mac for added design capability.\\r\\nONE-TOUCH KEYS: The single-touch keys permit users to add frames and other formatting features with a single action.\\r\\nMULTI-LINE LABELS: The Brother PTD450 can print labels with up to 5 lines of text and supports large character printing up to 7 font sizes.\\r\\nEASY-TO-USE KEYBOARD: This diverse label printer comes with a QWERTY keyboard that permits you to type characters simply.\\r\\nFOR USE WITH BROTHER GENUINE TAPES: Use Brother Genuine P-touch TZe tapes up to 18mm (approximately 3/4”) for best performance.\\r\\n\\r\\ntandard TZe tapes are durable and laminated, so they withstand water, heat and fading. See the Supplies & Accessories tab to view our full-line of standard and specialty TZe tapes.\\r\\n\\r\\nGraphical display with backlight – Easily view layout before printing\\r\\nPC-Connectable: Use stand-alone, or connected to a PC