• Binding Sheets

    750.00 700.00

    Made with High Quality polypropylene.\r\nSize:-A4 (210mm X 297mm), Blue,Gray, Transparent Color, 100 Sheets in Pack\r\nResistant to Heat & Moisture, ideal for binding purposes.\r\nHigher microns & special sizes also available for bulk supply.\r\nVarious Transparent colors & opaque colors available

  • Binding Combs

    450.00 350.00

    A product of GBC/Fellowes from USA\r\nLay flat design makes page turning, note taking and photocopying quick and easy\r\nFlexible and robust construction for repeated de-binding and re-binding of documents\r\nDurable high quality PVC resins ensure that GBC combs won\'t chip, scratch, peel or discolour\r\nAccurate A4 length and hole spacing guarantee perfect alignment with A4 paper for a professional finish every time\r\nAvailable in 14 standard sizes capable of binding from 2 up to 450 sheets

  • Binding Wires

    1200.00 1100.00

    6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm Black Wire binding spine with 70 Sheets (80g) to 130 Sheets Capacity\r\nSecure: Ideal for confidential documents as pages can only be removed by destruction of the wire itself\r\nProfessional: WireBind is the premium choice for a truly professional document finish\r\nDurable: The tough metal WireBind construction binds documents firmly, ensuring page security and a lasting finish\r\n

  • Thermal Binding Sheets

    4500.00 4500.00

    A4 Gloss White Thermal Binding Covers, All Capacities\\r\\n\\r\\nGloss White rear and spine with a clear front, pack quantities as shown\r\nSize - 8mm/10mm/12mm/16mm\r\nPage capacity - 30 Sheets to 130 Sheets