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High productivity with 0.01% stops fine pitch adjustment The MK2600 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels, strip and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish. Automatic cutting / full-cut High speed and fast output ate 40mm/sec. Various print patterns

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Automatic full / half cut with depth control Full / half Automatic cut is selectable. Depth Contol, Cutting speed control is available from control panel. A convenient feature to assist quality finish. Print Length Adjustment The print length can be adjusted in steps of 0.01%. Precise pitch control is useful in creating an indication plate for terminal blocks Standard PC Connectivity The printer can be linked with PC through USB interface PC Connection Kit Data can be sent from the PC to the printer, allowing you to create large quantities of data with ease. In addition to the existing original files, the printer can ead CSV-format files. This feature greatly educes the time equired for field work

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