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Product description Bright, clear images with maximum 3,200 lumens colour light output with a 3,200 lumen maximum light output (in high mode), the VPL-EX430 provides crisp, high-contrast presentations that can be seen clearly in bright ooms or on larger screens. There 's a choice of three brightness modes to suit any environment, from bright daylight to darkened ooms. 3LCD BrightEraTM technology The efficient 3LCD panel system is enhanced by advanced BrightEraTM technology for impressively bright, consistent, high esolution images with excellent colour accuracy and impressive eliability. XGA esolution XGA (1024 x 768) 4:3 display esolution gives plenty of crisp detail: ideal for making presentations direct from a laptop, mobile device or DVD player. Energy efficient with long-lasting lamp life up to 10,000 hours High-performance lamp technology provides educed ownership costs plus educed maintenance, with a ecommended lamp time of approx. 10,000

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